Ways to slow down a dog’s eating speed

You may have seen the video showing a Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd eating spaghetti. This video perfectly illustrates how our dogs consume food at different speeds. Some dogs take their time to chew the food, while others eat it in seconds.

Why do some dogs consume food so quickly? Others eat quickly because of excitement, others due to medical conditions, or medication. If you have more than one dog and they are all fast eaters, I suggest separating the dogs for meals. This will help to reduce any feeling of dinner being a race.

No matter why your dog eats fast, there’s a good reason to worry — it could be harmful to their health. The effects of fast eating include stomach upsets, gagging and vomiting, as well as a potentially life-threatening condition known bloat. Bloat is more common in large, deep-chested breeds like Great Danes.

You can slow down your dog’s eating speed if you are concerned. You can slow your dog down by using these 3 methods.

You can use a food dispenser toy for their meals

The toys keep your dog mentally engaged, and they also make feeding your dogs that are fast eaters a lot easier. The food dispensing toys, also known as treat dispensers, are made to release only one or two bites of food at a given time.

These are available in most pet shops (and also on Amazon) and can be easily filled, used, washed and reused the following day. The Bob A Lot is my favorite because the holes are adjustable and it is heavy-duty. Fill it with the dog’s meal and give it to your pet. Encourage them to play with it. The food spills out as they move it.

My dog takes about 10 minutes for her to finish the Bob A Lot compared with the 30 seconds if I simply put the food in her bowl. This is a great way to make her eat more slowly, plus she loves it. She starts to dance and get excited as soon as I take it.

There are a few considerations to make when choosing a dog treat dispenser. The toy that you are considering is it going to be durable enough for your pet? Soft plastic toys, especially the ones in ball shape, may not hold up well to a dog who is an avid chewer. Does your dog’s meal fit in the hole? Is it adjustable or not? It is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. You’ve probably found the perfect one if you can answer yes to each of these questions.

Purchase or make a slow feeder bowl

Amazon has a wide variety of slow feeder bowls for dogs who eat quickly. There are many different sizes and shapes, but all of them have ridges to prevent your dog from gulping down its food.

A slow feeder bowl is a great way to slow your dog’s eating down. Fill it up with the dog’s usual food and let the bowl do the rest. They act as obstacles and slow your dog down.

It’s vital to keep in mind that there are many different types of slow feeder bowls for dogs. Some are more complicated than others. You may want to choose a bowl with a complex design if your dog is good at solving puzzles and eats fast. If you choose a bowl that has only 3 raised solid ridges, your dog won’t be slowed down as much by it as if the design is more complicated.

You can feed your dog using a muffin pan if you are looking for a simple DIY solution. If you spread their food between the “holes” in each muffin, it should help slow them down. Tennis balls can be added to the top if it does not slow down their eating.

Make Mealtime a Time to Play or Train

You can slow your dog down by turning their mealtime into a training or game session. Just measure your dog’s food as usual and put it aside to play a game or train your pet.

If your dog is new to this game, start with “easy” hiding spots that are in plain sight. If your dog has never played this game before, start by hiding in places that are easy to see. Once all the food is hidden I will tell her “find treats”. She’ll be encouraged as she locates each treat. This is mentally stimulating and prevents your dog from eating her entire meal in one go.

You can also slow your dog down by rewarding him with food during training. Your dog can learn some new cool tricks, such as how to weave through the legs. Or you can brush up on your basics. You can use your dog’s meal as a reward for training. It will not only help slow their appetite, but it also helps boost their mental stimulation, improve their focus, and keep their mind stimulated.

Does Your Dog Eat Fast?

Is your dog eating too quickly? How have you tried to reduce their speed of eating?

Food that dogs cannot eat

My dog eats leftovers off my dinner table.

This list contains 21 harmful foods.


Alcohol poisoning can occur in dogs if they consume fermented foods such as bread and spoiled fruits. A dog that is in a state of coma may exhibit symptoms like nausea or vomiting.


Ingesting toxic levels of cyanide in dogs can cause dilated eyes, breathing difficulties, and red gums.


Avocado poisoning is mild in dogs and cats but deadly for horses and cattle.


The caffeine in tea, coffee grounds and pills is toxic for dogs.

Caffeine can also cause hyperactivity and restlessness in dogs. Other symptoms include seizures, heart rhythm abnormalities, and collapse.

Candies & Gums

Dogs are toxic for xylitol. Small amounts can cause serious symptoms such as hypoglycemia and seizures. Orbit, Nicorette Trident Ice Breakers, Nicorette, Nicorette, etc., all contain xylitol.

Contact your vet immediately if you suspect that your dog may have eaten candy or gum containing xylitol.


Cherry trees’ stems and leaves contain cyanide, which can be poisonous for dogs. It may cause dilated eyes, red gums and difficulty breathing.


The consumption of garlic may lead to anemia and damage to red blood cells.

Garlic poisoning can cause vomiting, blood in the urine, weakness, panting and collapse.


There is no cause for grape poisoning. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Contact your vet immediately if you suspect that your dog may have eaten grapes or raisins.


Dogs are toxic to hops. The plant is known for causing anxiety and stomach upset.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nut poisoning can occur in dogs.

Macadamia nuts can cause depression, weakness or vomiting in dogs.


Some mushrooms in North America can make dogs vomit or have abdominal pain.


Canine anemia is characterized by vomiting, blood in the urine, and weakness.

Pitted Fruit

Dogs can be poisoned by fruit leaves or seeds. When fruit pits enter the intestine, it can lead to intestinal obstruction.


The chemical that makes raisins and grapes toxic to dogs is unknown. Most dogs show symptoms of intoxication after eating raisins within a few hours.

Dehydration symptoms and vomiting can also be common.


Rhubarb poisoning can cause kidney failure.

Salted Snacks

High sodium levels can cause salt toxicity.

Seizures or high temperatures can also be caused by salt poisoning.

Star Fruit

The same cause can also be responsible for diarrhea and weakening.


Dogs are highly poisonous to xylitol.

Xylitol is found in a variety of gums, sweets and vitamins. Some peanut butters contain it as well.

If you believe that your dog may have ingested the xylitol, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Bread Dough Yeast

Dogs can suffer serious health issues if they eat unbaked bread.

Dogs who eat yeast can suffer from alcohol poisoning or bloat.

Conditions that progress rapidly and can cause death

Hypoglycemia is the most common adverse effect.

If you think your dog may have eaten yeast, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Several frozen dog food recipes

I can make some cool and refreshing treats with my dog.

This collection contains 20 recipes for your dogs that are easy to prepare.

The following list includes 25 recipes that you can make at home for your dog. The recipes are all made with 5 or fewer ingredients.

These frozen treats are easy to prepare. Bananas and peanut butter will make your dogs happy and keep them cool.

Is your dog a fan of apples? If so, try the frozen apple treats made from yogurt and apples.

Laika enjoys watermelon and treats made from frozen watermelon.

A simple dog treat your pet will enjoy.

These frozen treats will refresh your dog this summer.

The recipe below is an easy way to keep your dog entertained and cool this summer. This recipe uses bananas with peanut butter, honey, and yogurt.

Close to Home has a dog treat made of bananas, peanut butter and honey.

Laika loves these frozen yogurts with bananas, blueberries and other fruit.

Make frozen dog treats at home with bananas, peanut butter and yogurt.

This frozen treat is made from bananas and blueberries.

This frozen treat is made from bananas, yogurt, pumpkin purée, and honey.

Laika loves these easy and cute frozen watermelon treats.

This frozen treat is made from chicken stock, parsley chopped leaves and peanut Butter.

Adorable frozen pupcakes with bananas, peanut butter and yogurt or almondmilk.

Have you got some frozen strawberries peanut butter?

This frozen pop is made from yogurt, bananas, pumpkin purée, and honey.

Peanut butter banana frozen treats that are adorable and refreshing.

Are you looking for frozen treats that your dog will enjoy in the summer? These frozen yogurt and watermelon canine treats are a great choice.

Banana Peanut Butter Pops made from peanut butter, banana baby foods, yogurt, honey, and banana infant food.

This frozen PB&J for dogs contains strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter.