Simple dressing up for Halloween dogs

Do you dog dislike Halloween costumes on your pet? You’re certainly not the only one. There are simple solutions.

Laika is very particular about clothing, especially. Laika loves wearing hoodies. She runs when I put on her favorite red one. Capes and shirts are also off limits, as is anything covering her head or legs.

It’s not for every dog to wear elaborate costumes. Don’t fret if your dog isn’t interested in wearing that princess dress or dancing around with that wizard’s full robe. There are still some options for a more simple costume that looks festive. This is how to easily dress up your dog for Halloween.

1. Bandanas with Halloween Themes

If your dog has ever visited the groomer, you may already have some bandanas on hand. Most pet shops or online sell Halloween-themed bandanas. If you are crafty, you could even make your own.

2. Collars with Halloween themes

There are some dog owners who have a large collection of collars. Halloween is the perfect time to display our most decorative ones. There are many options for Halloween-themed collars, from basic pumpkin designs to ones that have LED lights.

3. Dog Bow Tie Are A Hit

Nothing is more classy than a dog wearing a bow tie. It’s a great way to make your dog look festive, and you can attach it right on the collar. You could also add some cufflinks to give it a little extra class.

You can buy super-cute dog bowties on Etsy or Amazon. Or, you can make them yourself.

4. The Onesie is a great dog costume

This brilliant idea is not mine, but it’s from Beagles & Bargains. If you have ever shopped for babies, you will know that there are many choices.

Most dogs are likely to appreciate the fact that their legs on the back remain bare. Learn how you can transform a onesie for a dog into a cool costume with a few easy steps. Also, learn how to measure your dog’s size.

5. Easy, comfortable dog costumes can be made with scarves

Scarves can be as easy as bandanas. What’s up with the scarves? I’m not sure what happened, but do you know how many types there are to choose from today? If you are using a longer scarf, make sure you have it wrapped up to prevent your child from tripping on the ends.

Make your dog look like a bunny skier or choose some bright, awesome colors to add some flair. If you want to go simple, an orange scarf looks festive and you will find it at any local shop.

6. There are endless possibilities for customizing T-shirts

Like onesies, t-shirts can be used as dog costume because of their availability in many sizes and colours. If you are creative, you could decorate the shirt to make it look like a Halloween ghost for your pet. Remember puffy paint?

The t-shirt is a simple and effective costume. Most dogs seem not to mind the tee shirt, as it doesn’t limit their movements.

7. Decorating your dog’s harness for Halloween

The jockey dog costume is a popular one. It’s not a complete outfit, but a simple toy attached to a harness. Even fussy dogs might like it.

It doesn’t need to be jockey. I find this ladybug idea one of the most adorable. It’s easy to make yourself. Just design the pattern and attach it on your dog harness.

8. How to Make A Doggie Tutu for Halloween

Another easy Halloween costume for your pet is a tutu. You can easily make one yourself if you are feeling crafty. Doggie tutus can be purchased in pet costumes at your local shop or made in 30 minutes.

What do you dress up your dog for Halloween?

Do you want to dress your dog in a costume or keep it plain? Have you already chosen a dog costume for this holiday season?