For me, Nail Dremel is better than a nail clipper

Do you cringe when you use nail clippers to cut the nails of your dog?

Is it really that easy? Cutting concrete with dental floss is like cutting through concrete.

About ten years ago I made a change. The Dremel is a much better tool for trimming your dog’s nail.

I prefer using a nail drill to nail clippers.

How difficult is it to trim your dog’s nail?

Do you have trouble trimming your dog’s nail? It’s not just you who has difficulty. Most dogs and humans dislike the process.

Is there a way to clip my dog’s dog nails more easily? I used nail clippers before, but now I use Dremel. A nail dremel may not be for everyone. But it is great for those who are having trouble with their traditional dog nail clippers.

I prefer to use a Dremel nail filer over one that is clipped

Laika’s nails are large and thick. It’s difficult to cut them, even with new clippers. The dark color of Laika’s nails makes it hard to see the quick-filled blood vessels in the middle. It’s always a concern of mine to not cut her nails short.

I like the control of a Dremel over nail clippers. I feel less in control when I use clippers. Clippers can become dull, making what should be a simple trimming more nerve-wracking.

Do you remember the first time you cut your dog’s nails? This was a painful experience for you (or your pet). Dremels are not as bad. I can trim her nails with ease, and avoid accidentally cutting them short.

Trimming nails is never enjoyable. Using a Dremel to do it makes my life easier. I feel more confident and my dog becomes less anxious. The experience makes nail trimming more pleasurable for both of us.

If you have cut the nails of your dog too short, here are five ways to stop any bleeding.

What exactly is a Dremel nail?

A nail dremel grinds down the dog’s nails. It’s a great alternative to guillotine-style clippers for dogs that hate them.

I have a cordless dremel with 4 drums and 2 speed settings. I can use high or low speed for Laika, who weighs 70 pounds.

I have only changed two drums in 3 years (they wear out after frequent use) and the charger still works as it did when I bought it.

Laika after trimming her nails with the Dremel. Although they could be cut even shorter with traditional clippers, I find this method to be much more effective.

Use of a Dremel for Nails

You can use the nail grinder to grind your dog’s nails. Because they get very hot, it is recommended you hold them on for only a few seconds at a given time.

I love using the dremel to cut my dog’s nail much shorter than with clippers. Because you only remove small pieces of the nail, it is easy to monitor your progress without worrying about cutting the quick.

Introduce your dog to the Nail Dremel

It will take some time for your dog to get used to the noise that the dremel makes. The goal should be to create a positive experience.

It will take some time before your dog is comfortable with the sound. I would suggest taking it slowly. Let your dog get used the the noise for a couple of times.

If your dog is sensitive to sounds (or other new things), I recommend turning the sound on several times without trimming their nails. I know it’s annoying, but rewarding him for his association with that scary new thing will help to ensure that you do not completely ruin it.

Laika would get treats if she sat near me while I used the dremel. We worked up to one nail per time.

If you are clumsy, be extra careful when working with your dog’s fur. I’ve gotten my dremel caught in carpets a couple of times and can’t imagine what it would feel like to have it get stuck to your pet’s hair.

Beware of Heat when Using Dremel

Heat is the biggest danger when using a Dremel to remove your dog’s nail.

After prolonged use, nail dremels can get very hot. Don’t keep the dremel on the dog’s nails longer than one second. Only do a quick brush or tap at a given time.

Because the Dremel 7300 is a low-powered dremel (in comparison to other models), it will take a little longer for it to warm up. However, after a couple of minutes at the highest setting the dremel does get hot.

I’ve had mine get stuck on the carpet several times when I didn’t turn it off.

Pros and Cons of using a nail Dremel or Clippers

My dremel is a great tool, but it is not the best. It takes a long time to finish my dog’s nails, and it is not the most enjoyable activity. However, it provides a certain level of comfort and stability that I can rely upon. This is why I choose a nail-dremel instead of nail clippers.

I am paranoid when I clip my dog’s nail with traditional clippers because I need to press down hard. I no longer have this worry, I can see exactly how much of the nail I will be grinding away.

Are you considering switching from nail clippers and a dremel to one? Consider the pros and cons:

The Pros and Cons of using a nail drill

  • Better control (no need to cut the short)
  • Replacement bands are included so that the bands never dull.
  • This product is effective on nails with thicker nail growth (mine was strong enough to handle my German Shepherd Mix)
  • Clippers would have required me to file the dogs’ nails afterward.
  • Trimming your nails incrementally makes it easier

The Cons of using a nail drill

  • Needs a charging cord or a charger
  • Costlier (mine was $29, compared to $9 for the clippers)
  • Noise & vibrations may make your dog nervous. Use lots of treats to start out.
  • It takes longer to clip if you are proficient at using clippers
  • Gets hot after prolonged use
  • Clippers for thick, hard-to-cut nails
  • Quick How to trim black nails when you cannot see them
  • Clippers are not for those of us with a fear of them